Living collection

Located in the Turbaco, the Cartagena Botanical Garden “Guillermo Piñeres” is a verdant oasis situated at an elevation of 140 meters above sea level within a semi-urban landscape. Encompassing a sprawling nine hectares, the garden is a captivating blend of natural wonders and curated collections.

Distinguished by its diverse composition, the garden features four hectares dedicated to preserving a precious relic of native forest, providing a sanctuary for endemic flora and fauna. An additional five hectares are meticulously designed thematic live collections, showcasing the rich tapestry of both native and cultivated tropical plants. This living tableau includes a range of captivating exhibits such as the Arboretum, a testament to the diversity of trees; the Orchard, celebrating the cultivation of fruit-bearing plants; the Palmetum, a display of palm species; the Xerophytic Garden, highlighting arid-adapted plants; the Evolutionary Garden, tracing the evolution of plant life; the Ornamental Garden, a visual feast of aesthetically pleasing plants; and the Native Forest, a vital segment dedicated to the conservation of indigenous ecosystems.


The botanical garden is graced with the presence of natural springs, adding a harmonious water element to the landscape. Throughout the year, and particularly during the driest months from December to March, the garden transforms into a crucial habitat for various wildlife groups. Its role as a refuge for diverse fauna underscores its significance in promoting biodiversity and ecological balance in the region.

In the face of pressing threats such as forest reduction and burgeoning urban development, the Cartagena Botanical Garden has emerged as the foremost bastion of conservation in the area. Its commitment to preserving not only native forest relics but also cultivating thematic live collections positions it as a vital hub for environmental education, research, and the safeguarding of Colombia’s rich botanical heritage. The living collection at Guillermo Piñeres Botanical Garden stands as a testament to the tireless efforts in fostering appreciation for nature’s wonders while actively contributing to the conservation of invaluable plant species