Our Seed Bank

The Seed Bank at the Cartagena Botanical Garden “Guillermo Piñeres” stands as a pivotal institution dedicated to the preservation and study of the unique floral diversity within the seasonal tropical dry forest of the Colombian Caribbean. Its primary objective revolves around the conservation of a comprehensive and representative sample of populations belonging to native species thriving in this distinctive ecosystem.

Guided by meticulous research principles, the collection’s focus extends beyond mere preservation; it is a deliberate effort to amass a wealth of biological and usage information from each specimen. The meticulous adherence to standardized protocols governing the entire lifecycle of seeds, from collection in the field to processing and meticulous storage, underscores the commitment to maintaining the genetic diversity and ecological integrity of these invaluable plant species.

Since the inception of the seed bank in 2016, an impressive 1,672 accessions have been meticulously recorded, capturing a dynamic snapshot of the diverse plant life in the seasonal tropical dry forest. Within this extensive catalog, 569 accessions represent live seeds, each carefully safeguarded within the confines of the seed bank’s secure storage facilities.

This monumental effort in curating and documenting the seed bank’s accessions has been made possible through the visionary initiatives of the Cartagena Botanical Garden Foundation. Under the auspices of the project “Opening the collections to the world: data mobilization of the Cartagena Botanical Garden collections,” generously funded by BID-GBIF, the seed bank has undergone a transformative process of updating and publishing its invaluable records. This not only fortifies the seed bank’s role as a bastion of conservation but also opens its wealth of knowledge to the global scientific community, fostering collaboration and contributing to a deeper understanding of the plant biodiversity in the Colombian Caribbean. The Cartagena Botanical Garden’s seed bank stands as a beacon of conservation, research, and international cooperation, playing a vital role in the ongoing effort to safeguard the botanical treasures of the seasonal tropical dry forest for generations to come.